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the New York Budget Inn, a hotel, is located on the floors above that.

No word yet on whether both these establishments will shutter completely or relocate.

And unlike most months, April seems to be an equal opportunity grab bag no matter which service you prefer.

type of scary, but with all the spotlights, jam-packed displays, and over-eager sales assistants, it can feel kind of intimidating.

The fact is, Maryland could lose its last two (at Rutgers, versus Michigan State) and still finish 10-8 in the league with one truly bad loss (see: Knights, Scarlet) plus something like a 14-8 record against the top 100 and a 7-3 record on the road.

There's just no way Mark Turgeon's team can damage itself enough to get down in the muck with teams such as Kansas State and Seton Hall.

https://t.co/a DLOCSs URB #Fear The Turtle pic.twitter.com/KOKzm2e Qe O— Maryland Women's Lax (@Maryland WLax) March 1, 2017 And in case you’ve lost track of the date........... That means it’s about to be conference tournament time, and then NCAA Tournament time.

The majority of counters offer makeover services, and whilst there is usually a booking cost, it's often redeemable against purchases, meaning you get the makeover for free. With many beauty brands out there, I decided to hit up 10 of the best, and see what each of their makeovers look like IRL (I know, it's a hard job, but someone's gotta do it 🙈 ) To keep this experiment fair, when it came time for my makeover I gave each of the different makeup artists the same instructions.

I asked for a 'glam makeup look' - not quite ball-gown glam, but appropriate for an evening out. (FYI - They're in no particular order) to be number one.

Maryland was on a three-game losing streak prior to Tuesday’s win, so the possibility existed for the Terps to drop their last five regular season contests and last six overall.

Brennan argued that even if that happened, they’d still belong.

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