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The Downtown gaming center opens up its showroom for free play on the first and last Friday of each month ( per person at the door). and afterward, go for cheese plates and wine at the glass treehouse dining room overlooking Lost Lake, The Dunlavy.Just play it cool after she beats you in 13 Celsius is a dimly lit, sexy-as-hell wine bar, made 10 times sexier when table-side s’mores get added in the mix. Midtown Take a few sips of Pappy to help with the nerves, then pick your song and see if you’re a match made in karaoke heaven.No hard sole shoes are allowed inside the studios except for Hip Hop Classes. METoffers a College Discount available only at the Front Desk. This discount will be .00 for 1 Hour/ .00 for 1.5 hours.To start, select your class, come in 15 minutes early, redeem your single class or monthly card and dive in.While the objective is to train a lifelong dancer, individual goals range from health maintenance, improvement of self-esteem and social skills development.Classes include a variety of dance forms and are open to students of all needs and levels.

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