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********** UPDATE: Two women were prosecuted for receiving over one million dollars from 374 people in these scams! Since starting the website in 2004, I have received many emails from people who believe they are dating a soldier when, in most cases, they actually are not.

If this article helps you or has kept you from becoming the victim of a scam (or sending him even more money), please consider donating to help maintain this website so that others will be able to utilize this information as well. It’s true that special ops guys can’t discuss their job but that also means they don’t tell random strangers they’re in special ops. When we would go out with a bunch of guys from his unit and people would ask what they did, they simply replied they were in the Army. They’re known as “quiet professionals” for a reason. He has been deployed for two years, has been denied leave time and will not be coming home any time soon therefore you won’t be able to meet. He is on a top secret mission in a country other than Iraq or Afghanistan (or even in Iraq or Afghanistan – it’s all lies).

We reached out to six leading sexperts who share their best tips to help you keep your LDR (long distance relationship) smoking hot! Let’s kick off our column with The Love Guru Blaire who founded Six Figure Singles, a site that helps traveling executives, entrepreneurs and celebrities find healthy relationships.

Her short, concise advice will be a common thread throughout this article. “Web chat — sexy web cam and mutual masturbation phone sex.” 2.

Your lover will benefit from the sounds -- and the lack of a clear picture helps to build mystery and anticipation.” Dr.

Feature Bloat in Components Benefits Apple: I recently discussed why innovation in mobile is happening at an unprecedented pace.

One primary driver is incredible component innovation.

But this rapid innovation—which is good overall—causes a negative byproduct: “feature bloat.” The HTC EVO, which crams in 4G wireless, epitomizes this best (sorry, but mobile 4G is ready for primetime, and I firmly believe Apple won’t even include it on next year’s i Phone 5).

How do you maintain a healthy sex life when you and your partner live hundreds or thousands of miles apart?

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