Hamilton pocket watch dating

The Adams & Perry Watch Manufacturing Company was organized in 1874 by John C.Adams of Chicago, and several local citizens of Lancaster, Pennsylvania. The Lancaster Pennsylvania Watch Company, was formed out of the remains of Adams & Perry in September, 1877. Under another re-organizarion the Lancaster Pennsylvania Watch Company was formed.

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it is among the highest quality consumer items ever made in the USA. It's varied a little over the months, but has never been more than ±15 seconds different from WWV.A well maintained and adjusted watch kept in a fixed location at room temperature can reach accuracies normally only seen with quartz watches.If you use it and the watch is exposed to different temperatures and shaken or turned then you will achieve about /- 15sec accuracy per week.Watch production began in 1875, the first movement was completed in April, 1876. In need of additional capital to market their product, the company was reorganized, forming a new corporation, the Lancaster, Pa., Watch Company which restarted production in September 1877. It was manufactured to meet railroad standards, introduced in 1893, and continued to be manufactured until 1915.Following more financial difficulties, the company reorganized again forming the Lancaster, Pa., Watch Co. in 1878, and the Lancaster Watch Company in May 1879. Originally designed with a single-roller escapement, it was upgraded to double-roller escapement around 1906.

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