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Ask a man his number one priority when it comes to public transport. Ask a woman the same question and chances are that she will answer ‘safety’.

Sexual harassment on public transport is an everyday occurrence for millions of girls and women living in some of the world’s biggest capitals.

NTI participated in the 70th World Health Assembly as it met in Geneva to address issues from continued implementation of much-needed World Health Organization reform in the wake of the 2014-2016 Ebola ...

With nuclear power, the high energy density makes the potential hazard obvious, and this has always been factored into the design of nuclear power plants.The worst capitals are those in Latin America, where six in every 10 women reported being physically assaulted on buses and trains.These numbers are worrying, especially because women are the main users of public transport in most metropolitan areas around the world.The lessons from nearly one hundred years’ experience mean that reputable airlines are extremely safe.In the chemical industry and oil-gas industry, major accidents also lead to improved safety.

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