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Jason’s known for playing in the pop bands Phantom Planet and Coconut Records, so Rico and Brendan kicked things off by asking what attracted him to the world of classical music.

Well, I’ve always been interested in classical music. He actually played first chair flute for Toscanini.

We talked to star Gael Garcia Bernal, back in December, before he too nabbed a Golden Globe for playing conductor Rodrigo De Souza in January.

The series was recently renewed for a third season.

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We have selected 6 concerts perfect for classical starters.Martial music or military music is a specific genre of music intended for use in military settings.Much of the military music has been composed to announce military events as with bugle calls and fanfares, or accompany marching formations with drum cadences, or mark special occasions as by military bands.This season included show tunes, popular music and selections from the symphonic repertoire.MOSS Executive Director Chris Campbell explained why his organization takes classical performance out of the theatre and into outdoor spaces and other non-traditional venues: If you don’t take classical music to the people, it will die.

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