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Tasty, filling and portable, it proved to be just as popular then as it is today.1794.

We become a Post Office Before the days of our beloved Post Office, the business of sending and receiving mail was open to anyone, another opportunity quickly seized by Fortnum’s.

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Finally, after lawyers traced them to a bank vault in Geneva, they faced another struggle to get them released for burial.

Watching his son, also James, place flowers on the grave yesterday, Morgan, a film producer, said: "My son has never been to the village my father lived in before. It has been so, so long."Mason, born in Huddersfield, West Yorks, whose film career spanned 50 years and included Lolita, A Star is Born and North by Northwest, was laid to rest close to the grave of his friend and neighbour, Charlie Chaplin.

Providing letterboxes that were collected six times a day, this arrangement attracted all sorts of people, from those who were captivated by our magnificent windows to soldiers and sailors who received a discount.

This can easily kill a half hour to forty-five minutes.Thank you to our graduating students who have already completed the Mason exit survey.Your responses and comments are very helpful to us in planning and we especially appreciate hearing about your experiences and plans for the future.Clarissa bequeathed Mason's estate to a trust and, although his children have not been able to prove who the beneficiaries are, their lawyers believe them to be devotees of Sathya Sai Baba, an Indian guru whose sect, based in an ashram near Bangalore, has a large following.So acrimonious has been the dispute that for many years Mason's only offspring had no idea where their father's ashes were.

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