Nc online dating services

Online dating sites are supposed to be a place to find love and friendships.

However, this was not the case for a local woman searching for a friend on the internet.

Instead, he sent money to Flowers."A personal check that looked like yours and mine," Flowers said. She said since the bank told her that the check was good, she did what Larkin asked and wired the money to his two lawyers.

"It was fun; it was something to do besides crossword puzzles."It wasn't long before Larkin started asking for favors, but he didn't ask for money like most scammers we've warned you about.

Laurie has been Carolinas Matchmaker for more than a decade and takes pride in the boutique service she has built.

With countless marriages and babies resulting from her matchmaking, coaching, and expert advice, Laurie’s life passion to help others find love is a dream come true.

The two teens are believed to be behind at least four known car thefts since early April.

The teens were arrested on Friday after being stopped by North Carolina Department of Transportation License and Theft Bureau agents.

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