Park bom dating g dragon

Seungri is also the one who often accidentally speak that GD and Dara have “something” between them.33.Actually, these stories about Dara and GD just appear sometimes, and some other times they don’t.

Moreover, at the SAL Concert, GD once said that apple is the symbol of his love, even GD and Dara performed Hello in the apple-shaped box. GD adores Bo A and Ivy so much because they are beautiful and could dance and sing hip hop and R&B very well and dress up in that style, too.

When Sandara was walking down with her snowboard, she looked like she was carrying two people.

It looked like she was having trouble so I helped her.

But their relationship came back to the media spotlight in January 2011, when Dara told the story about GD helping her to carry her ski board at the YG family vacation.

GD then told the media that when he saw Dara carrying her ski board, it looked like Dara was carrying a man because the board was as tall as her.

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