Pros and cons of dating a pro athlete Sexy girl

Most people don't have the freedom to be able to do something like that.

When things get serious and you're traveling to games with other WAGs of the other players on the team, you become part of the team.

The main factor about taking part in sports is the money.

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For example, sports like cricket, football and basketball, the athletes earn money in the millions and this income hugely motivates the athletes to improve their personal qualifications and also drives the amateurs to consider sports as a future career.

The sponsorship money help an athlete to increase their pay even more and pay more to get the best quality kits and equipment that they need to play the sport.

Then this past year he started getting signed with different teams and working his way up and he's been gone all season. He's constantly on the road and in different cities, he has appearances with women wanting to meet and get pictures, etc but most of all I think it's just hard because even though we are constantly in contact it feels like he's living a life I'm not a part of.

We talked about it before he left and even though I was the more skeptical one he assured me we would make it work. And I will give him credit...he's a good christian guy who doesn't drink at all, he rarely goes out and he goes above and beyond to make me feel loved and included but no matter how many hard he tries I feel like we're leading two separate lives.

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