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Purina has been working with You Tube creators for three years, but it's the company's first time at California's Vid Con: "This content works.It accomplishes our brand objectives." "This is a very valuable process for us," said Carlos Alcazar, svp of the Tombras Group, working on behalf of the Department of Transportation.Critically, no one was biting, so the new season has been considerably revamped.

Elicit or explain that speed-dating is an organised event normally held in a bar in which single people seeking romantic relationships have a series of short conversations with potential partners in order to determine whether there is a mutual interest. Step 10 Give the students time to answer the questions and then compare their answers with a partner. Step 12 Get feedback from the whole class and discuss what they think are the best questions.

Step 1 Ask your students to think of different ways of meeting a romantic partner. Step 3 Ask your students to say which way of meeting a new partner is the best and why. Tell them that one student should describe their idea of a dream date while the other student describes their idea of a nightmare date.

Step 5 Get feedback from the whole class on their dream and nightmare dates.

Rick Spiekermann, director of content and partnerships for Purina, said Laur DIY might have what it takes to represent the Nestlé brand.

"Her ability to articulate what matters to her audience was really impressive," he said.

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