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When you Open Recordset on a local table, it uses db Open Table by default. Seek instead of Find First), but it cannot be used with attached tables.Consequently if you later, as good practice, split your database the tables become attached tables and the code is likely to fail.

You can then display the error message using the Error Message property.

The Update method must be called to actually delete these fields from the provider's collection.

Recordset Set dbs Northwind = Current Db Set rst Employees = dbs Northwind.

Dim temp_rst1 As Recordset Dim temp_rst2 As Recordset Set temp_rst1 = db. If a recordset contained a single row of data it would open with .

Open Recordset("SELECT * FROM ORDER_DATA WHERE SKUS_ORDERED = '" & cur SKU1 & "' AND [ORDER] = " & cur Order) Set temp_rst2 = db.

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