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De gemeente telt 72.215 inwoners (1 april 2017, bron: CBS) en heeft een oppervlakte van 26,71 km².

Binnen de gemeentegrenzen liggen enkele oude kernen, zoals het oude dorp Vlaardingerambacht (nu de wijk Ambacht of Vlaardingerambacht) en de heerlijkheid Holy (nu de kern van de wijk Vlaardingen-Holy).

Other places nearby are Maassluis to the west, Schipluiden and Delft to the north, Schiedam and Rotterdam to the east and Spijkenisse in the south-west, on the other side of the Nieuwe Maas. The Beneluxtunnel (the tunnel that runs under the Nieuwe Waterweg) connects the A20 to the A15.

The centre of the town is on the west side of the old harbour, which is originally a stream ('De Vlaarding') from the peat lands north and east of the town, running to the Meuse estuary.

SBO Kameleon biedt Speciaal Basisonderwijs aan kinderen van 4 tot en met 13 jaar uit Vlaardingen en omgeving.

De bijeenkomsten zijn bedoeld om mensen zonder baan een netwerk te...

By the early 1,000’s the area was run by Dirk the 3rd who extracted unauthorized tolls from passing ships.

An army was sent to overthrow Dirk, but was beaten by him in the Battle Of Vlaardingen.

The church is mentioned on a list of churches Willibrord, the Apostle to the Frisians, inhered to the Abbey of Echternach.

In 1018 Vlaardingen was a stronghold of Dirk III, who levied an illegal toll on ships on the Meuse river.

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