Why is my sister dating a loser

I can also see that it affecting her and I want to tell her he's no good and that she just might end up getting hurt by this guy but, I feel that it could really affect our brother/sister bond. JUST BE A BROTHER, LOVE HER, SUPPORT HER, AND WATCH OVER HER,, SHE WILL NEED YOU IF THIS GUY IS A JERK..

So for such a long time, everything has come to her easy.

Now, he has made her choose between her loving, close family and him.

They are engaged, and because we asked him to get a job (he hasn’t worked or gone to school for months and months), he refuses to come to our home or speak to us.

I have a sister that's 10 years younger than me and she's always looked up to me as her favorite brother.

Anyway, I usually don't worry about the guys she dates because she usually has goo taste but, thisnew guy is a complete loser.

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