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Most often, macros are created to use items or abilities. My intention is to continue to expand this post with more useful information over time, so feel free to add a post with any questions or useful information you think I should add.2. Macros can make many actions within the game environment.I also made a macro to switch back to your 2H and go back into Battle Stance, but only use this after your Shield Wall has expired or your Spell Reflection has expired/been consumed.In Patch 5.4, you will not need to equip a shield however, so you can just cast Shield Wall or Spell Reflection with your two-handed weapon equipped.When Rend falls off, it deals an extra 4500 damage along with it's normal 1774 tick.(requires Dstance)Battle Shout / Beserker rage do not generate rage, and won't ever be used in your rotation.

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last updated: Feb 9, 17 If you're ever in a situation where you're bladestorming and need to instantly charge, this macro will make it so that you're able to do so.This macro also enables a stop watch to track the dimnishing return of the stun you're using incase you don't want to play with addons and want to manually track your diminishing returns.It also applies extra damage in the last 5 seconds, so try to re-apply then for the extra damage.In Patch 5.3, Defensive Stance got buffed for non-protection warriors, and it now provides a 25% damage reduction.Combine this with Shield Wall and you got yourself a 65% damage reduction defensive cooldown, or with Spell Reflection and you got yourself a spell reflected and 25% damage reduction.

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