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Each episode finds the host Jonathan Goldstein moderating a fraught moment intensified by years of distance: a time when someone broke a promise, or another person’s heart.

The hurt is still there—sometimes for everyone, sometimes for just one person who can’t let something go (like the time a man named Gregor lent the then-unknown musician Moby a collection of CDs that were never returned).

The following shows don’t require you to love a certain movie or have a particular sense of humor.

The Choctaw are descendants of the peoples of the Hopewell and Mississippian cultures, who lived throughout the east of the Mississippi River valley and its tributaries.

About 1,700 years ago, the Hopewell people built Nanih Waiya, a great earthwork mound located in what is central present-day Mississippi. The early Spanish explorers of the mid-16th century in the Southeast encountered Mississippian-culture villages and chiefs.

Oh, you didn’t hear about how Disneyland is building a massive all-new -themed land??? And it'll be breaking ground on it in 2017, which means you probably need to stay alive another five-ish years if you want to take over the controls of the Millennium Falcon for a “customized secret mission.” Once the crown jewel of Downtown Fullerton, this long-crumbling edifice -- designed by the same dude who created the iconic Grauman's Chinese Theatre -- continues to undergo a protracted restoration since it was shuttered in '87.

You still occasionally can see old movies digitally blasted onto the venue's back wall.

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