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This was also Baraggan Louisenbairn's castle when he was still the King of Hueco Mundo, and he would station his army of Hollows here.

However, during Baraggan's reign it had no roof or walls.

In the room where Orihime Inoue is kept, there is one large Middle-Eastern rug on the ground that is facing outside, much like those in rooms used for Islamic prayer.

Like everything else in Hueco Mundo, the main building is colored white.

I only do Humor and Parody fics, not anything else. I do not like romance most of the time, but I do like making fun of it by making stereotypical romance scenes just for a laugh. I don't know how to write like those typical fanfiction writers. Koei workers that are unnamed The Koei workers who are named are Takasugi, Izuru, and Suzaku. Suzaku is similar and is the editor for the Koei units. As time progresses, he has diverged away from the canon personality a bit and has a bit of Gintoki from Gintama mixed into him. Sima Zhao: Personality has sort of moved away from canon and just made him into a gag character. Most of the Wei cast: Canon until further comedy needs to happen. I can write him now with a canon background to work with. It is also possible Director might have really screwed up this time and maybe even destroyed DW China for good.

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I'm not saying for sure it's just the likeliness that I'll work on it anytime soon is small. Do both one and two and see who can make it better. If nothing else, you or someone else should finish Ulqui's route for us.

Most of my stories are very dialogue heavy and that's where most of the humor lies. I will just find a hole in the idea and exploit it with crude humor if I get something like that. He also has the ability to say random brands without seeming out of place. Occasionally, she might have to play straight man to certain characters. That's the best I could describe him in the stories that include him. A character to compare him to is Sakamoto Tatsuma from Gintama. If you're wondering what kind of British accent I've been using for him, it's a cross between Patrick Stewart's and C3-PO's accents. Everyone else: They stay canon until I have an idea of what silly thing to do with them. Wanted to delve into the mind of our-if I do say so myself- favorite troll lord? " I know there is one for Dynasty Warriors in the old archives, so I decided to try and reboot it. Ambition made is basically a dating simulator without the simulator. I'll do this thing no one has never done in the history of DW.

I play A LOT of video games and watch A LOT of anime, so crazy ideas might come to me. All of the stories I write have crude, dirty humor. There are very few gay pairings in this world that I actually find hot. I am that comedy light that shines out of that dark sea of really over-used dramas and romances. Anime: About any action, comedy, or adventure one will do. People that appear in the DW stories: The Cast in general Xiahua (ONLY in Sima Yi Answers Letters) She's a parody of an android named Tama from Gintama. She was an accidental character that I thought was going to be a three chapter thing, but... Huh, now that I think about it, she's not even scary when I write her. I make her such a pushover with him and he acts like a dick to her despite of the consequences. He's just a really good comic relief character for me since his English voice actor does these kinds of characters anyway. Zhuge Liang: Maybe a lighter version of Sima Yi's canon personality? Humorous short letters to Bleach fanfiction authors: what the characters would say in response to common fanfic clichés. Wanted to know why Ichi Ruki and Ichi Hime haven't happen? Ask a character in the form of a review, and Takasugi here will pull them out the portal and set them here even it means to duct tape them to a chair. What if you take Bioware and have them write Ambition mode?

Bleach (c) Tite Kubo Credits: Vectors: credits TBAMusic: Still Doll by Kanon Wakeshima (Also the ending theme for VK)BTW I added in a Ulquihime moment, so don't hate me if you don't like Ulquihime! x DNOTE: I currently lost my inspiration for this game so I haven't been working on it in awhile.

I'm not giving up on it completely but waiting for my inspiration to come back.

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