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The protesters called for the practice to continue as it and integral practice of their custom and tradition.

But few people would contemplate going as far as Sofi Cogley.

Even when our virginity testers are married women, they abstain from sex so that when they carry out the inspections, they don’t make the girls impure.

So virginity testing is a part of our culture that is sacred to us, and we are not ashamed of it.' More than 300 virgins march in protest in the city of South Africa against the passing of the outlawing of virginity testing which is practised in some African traditional communities.

If I stop to think about it, it's hard to believe this is really me, the woman who was once obsessed with her career above all else. Then, 6am would have seen me in full make-up and designer suit, hunched over the wheel of my car in some hellish traffic jam on my way to a breakfast-meeting with clients.

Unexpectedly, she fell in love with the country - and with a man she met there. Every morning, I'm up at 6am to go to the well to collect water which we need for washing, cooking and drinking.

Now, Sofi has swopped her cosy cottage in the Cotswolds for a mud hut after marrying the son of a Zulu chieftain in a ceremony captured in this striking picture. It's a four-mile journey, but I never grumble as I pull on a pair of cut-off jeans and a bikini top - my usual outfit these days.

In fact, I often find myself grinning with sheer amazement as I trundle along the red sand track watching the sun rise over the mango trees.

The brain prioritises absorbing and remembering things it uses.

If it doesn’t see immediate practical application, it will delegate brain power to other distractions and demands, and boy do we have lots of those in modern society!

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